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We connect you with the right people in a meaningful way


Keep in touch with your community

Meeting people is easy, staying in touch is a pain. We simplify this.


We organise, you simply turn up

Seamlessly integrate with your email calendar - with Google Meet link

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Amazing Quality

We help target your audience so meeting new people becomes fun, convenient and meaningful.

“Your network is your net worth”

More impactful

Meet new people through 1:1 video calls before taking the step to meet face to face. Avoid travel time, preparation and high Linkedin premium subscriptions.

We really take away the pain and awkwardness of meeting new people


Stay Updated

We’ve gone the extra mile by introducing two new features; a curated news feed and a dedicated events tracker – everything you need in one scroll

We aggregate all industry information (daily) so you don’t have to.


Get Rewarded

Invite your friends and earn Wasta points (points earned for good behaviour). You choose how you spend your points

Get positive user feedback to increase your Wasta Score (A score given to monitor your performance). We help you unlock new people & communities

Hear from our customers

Quality Connections!

Wasta has helped build my pipeline of clients across the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Tara Hession
BeSpark Talent


It has been great to meet so many people that I wouldn't have connected with otherwise

Gabriel Garcia
Venture Capital

Connect Easily!

Wasta is the easiest way to connect with people in the startup and venture capital ecosystem

Humaira Khan

Accelerate your growth.

Accelerate your growth via Wasta's exclusive partnership with Tiktok for Business.