Online networking is the future.

Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your experience


Before The Meeting

Get to know your match before the meeting; this way you’ll have mutual areas of discussion. We provide a brief intro to your match, their interests and goals. We believe this will be enough to stimulate initial conversation. It’s important to plan a few questions before hand to ensure a smooth experience.

Before arriving on the call, practice your elevator pitch. It is almost certain that someone will ask, "what do you do?" or “what brings you on Wasta?”. Be prepared, so that you're not caught off guard and stumbling for words.


First Impressions

Etiquette should be followed as if you were going to meet at an in-person event. This means arrive on time for your call. If you’re going to be late, drop them an email or reschedule at a time convenient to both parties.

Make sure you’re set up in a place where it is quiet, you have good internet connection, and the lighting is appropriate. People are more likely to want to get to know you better if you are positive, encouraging and put together. Pay attention and try not to get distracted.


After the Meeting

Approach the call from the standpoint of what you can do for them. When you do this, people will be more inclined to want to help you.

People instinctively want to reciprocate when they've already been supported.

Spend time figuring out what other people are looking for and what you can provide to them, so you can seize the opportunity to jump in and help out. Remember, everyone has a reason for being a part of the community. Make it your mission to find out that reason and see if their reason matches yours.

Listen to what they have to say. This shows that you respect them and makes them more interested in what you have to say.

Foremost, enjoy and relax. Let your personality come out. Listen and speak at the same ratio. Don’t just do all the talking or listening; conversating is two way.


After the Call

Express your appreciation by following up with a thank you message. If you enjoyed the call, and if appropriate, connect with that person via LinkedIn or email.

At the end of your call, please also remember to rate your match on our platform via our feedback form. This will help us make better decisions when connecting you with future matches.


We are an invite only platform that is exclusively available in the MENA Region. Once you register, you will be automatically put on the waitlist, until you are accepted as a member. Should you have any questions you can reach us here.