Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your experience


✅ Respond quickly so your match hears from you
✅ Join the meeting on time. If you’re running late – let your match know as soon as possible
✅ Inform your match as soon as possible if you can no longer make the meeting, try to reschedule asap.
✅ Be courteous and respectful to all your matches
✅ Follow up with your match with outcomes / next steps
✅ Make additional Wasta introductions


❌ Cancel on your match unless you really have to
❌ “Ghost” your match – continuous no shows could lead to you being blocked
❌ Use meetings for direct sales or business development or attempt to sell products/ services
❌ Promote hatred, violence, and harassment in any way
❌ Send intro emails with your CV/resume to connections before a relationship is formed
❌ Solicit a date/ romantic partnership

Ways to get blocked

🚫 Not turning up to meetings – we have a strict ‘3 no show rule’ – 3 consecutive no shows & you’ll be blocked from the platform
🚫 Complaint(s) from members (inappropriateness, harassment, or maliciousness)
🚫 Any form of discrimination (directly relating to a match on
🚫 Using fake information (location, personal information, or another)

The safety of our members is our utmost importance. If you have been subject to any of these behaviors please let us know as soon as possible by reporting it here. Members found to have broken the rules will be removed from the platform immediately


We are an invite only platform that is exclusively available in the MENA Region. Once you register, you will be automatically put on the waitlist, until you are accepted as a member. Should you have any questions you can reach us here.

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