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Hiring and Job seeking is difficult. More than 80% of hiring is done through word of mouth

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“This is exactly what the Middle East needs! A reliable solution that helps us be human again”

Sara Al-Fageeh
Fashion Student

“Wasta really takes away the pain from networking. It’s super easy to use, convenient and reliable”

Conor Erwin
Web Developer & Software Engineer

"Starting a business is tough, but Wasta makes it easier to meet people who can share inspiration, motivation and guidance"

Mesut Arslan
Business Development Manager

“Wasta is a great way to connect with people that I would not normally be able to meet at any events”

Elize Adeniyi
Startup Founder

"Wasta really helped me find my feet within the Middle East"

Julian Fields
Venture Capitalist & Angel Investor

"I've never been a huge networker, but Wasta makes it so easy to meet new and interesting people"

Charles Etoroma
Project Engineer

"I'm constantly connecting with people and learning new things. It's incredible"

Jessica Marks
Journalist & Freelance Writer

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