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It has been great to meet so many people that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.

Gabriel Levya

Venture Capital

Wasta's AI-based matchmaking has been the superpower that helped us connect with new partners, investors and clients.

Karim Helal


Wasta is the easiest way to connect with people in the startup and venture capital ecosystem

Humaira Khan


Wasta introduces me to people I normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

Nikhil Tailor

Shangri La

Wasta has helped build my pipeline of clients across the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Tara Hession

Be Spark Talent

Wasta is the smartest way to grow your network in the region.

Ahmed Kamal


Wasta’s AI-based professional matchmaking is a networking game-changer in the MENA region.

Yana Moldovan


Wasta is commoditizing aspects that were previously left to luck and chance.

Ajinkya Tanpure


Wasta has introduced me to high quality and relevant connections in the region.

Prakash Senghani


The matches made on Wasta have been relevant and resulted in interesting conversations!

Salman Attieh


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